How to Find the Perfect College Roommate

Whether it’s taking a new class or introducing themselves to new people, college is the time for many young adults to get out of their comfort zone and experience new things. For some college students, a new experience might mean branching out and living with someone they don’t know all that well (or at all).

But before you dive in and sign a lease for the upcoming school year, keep reading! This post will cover a few of our top tips for finding the perfect roommate.

Talk to Your Friends

We recommend starting your search by asking your friends if they want to live together or if they know of anyone who’s searching for a roommate. Asking your friends for assistance goes a long way in finding a quality roommate. After all, they won’t lead you astray by introducing you to shady characters.

While it might sound like fun living with your best friend from high school, this might not be the best idea. What if you get into an argument about your living conditions and have a falling out?

Start Looking Early

Remember, you’re far from the only one trying to find a college roommate. It’s a great idea to start looking for a new roommate as soon as possible. The more time you give yourself to search and conduct interviews, the greater the chance that you’ll find someone you love living with.

Make a List

You probably already have an idea of what you’re looking for in a roommate, but it never hurts to jot that list down or create a spreadsheet. Your document should include your “must-have qualities” in a roommate and a column of “nice-to-have traits.” If the individual in question doesn’t meet any of your desired qualities, move on with your search.

Don’t Overlook Shared Interests

Living with someone who has at least some of the same interests as you goes a long way in fostering a quality roommate relationship. Whether it’s as simple as a love of Tennessee football or majoring in the same field, having shared interests or similar hobbies strengthens any relationship. Plus, you’ll always have someone to hang out with if you and your roommate like a few of the same things.

Discuss Finances

Talking about finances like rent and utility costs isn’t always comfortable. But it’s something you’ll need to discuss with each potential roommate you interview. While having a slightly annoying roommate isn’t ideal, living with a person who can’t afford to pay their share of the rent or the electric bill is a terrifying situation.

Set Expectations

Speaking of tough conversations, don’t be afraid to set some expectations when conducting your roommate interviews. Among other things, make sure each person knows what they’ll be expected to pay each month and how they’ll need to contribute to cleaning the apartment. Moving in with someone who doesn’t think they need to tidy up can lead to an unfortunate living situation.

Consider Schedules

What’s your class schedule like? Are you an early bird or a night owl? Be sure to ask these schedule-related questions when you’re trying to pick a roommate. Living with someone who has a similar sleeping and class schedule to yours helps ensure your sleep won’t be disturbed and gives you someone to head to class with.

Use Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms are invaluable resources when you’re trying to choose a roommate. You can use these platforms to advertise that you’re searching for a roommate and do a little background research on any potential roommate. Needless to say, avoid anyone who’s posted anything questionable in the past.

Post Some Flyers

Putting up flyers around campus was the top way to perform a roommate search in the pre-internet era. But there’s no harm in using the same old tricks nowadays. Be strategic about where you’re placing those flyers, though. Posting them in some of your most-frequented class buildings can help land a roommate with a similar major or someone with shared academic interests.

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