Organizational Tips for Efficient Apartment Living

It’s a familiar feeling—coming home to an apartment that suddenly feels cramped and chaotic. Thankfully, the remedy is much easier than you might imagine. Trying out cheap storage ideas and organization hacks for small apartments can make your home feel like new again.

But trying to tackle pile-ups of clutter and chores can become quickly overwhelming—so where to begin? We’ve compiled a list of creative organization tips for apartments to get you started on maximizing your apartment space and breathing life back into your home.

Clean It All Out

A simple yet essential first step in apartment organization is to declutter your space. Donate clothes you haven’t worn in over a year. Toss or recycle, if possible, expired products like cleaners and makeup. Assess your daily routine and get rid of items you no longer need or use (we’re looking at you, impulsive Amazon purchases). Cleaning house will give your mind and your space an instant lift—not to mention making it much less daunting to tidy up what’s left.

Utilize Under-Bed Storage

Beds are typically the largest piece of furniture in an apartment, but they can be one of the most practical apartment storage ideas if you make use of the tucked-away space beneath them. Whether you have a storage frame with drawers and cubbies or just stow bins beneath your regular frame, this is prime storage space that will keep clutter to a minimum. Check out some of these DIY storage bed frame projects for inspiration.

Try Multi-Purpose Furniture

When trying to maximize your space and efficiency, hybrid furniture is your new best friend. Like storage bed frames, many pieces—such as this list of innovative multi-purpose furniture—can serve more than one purpose. Explore beds that double as couches, ottomans that easily store your linens, convertible desks, and other types of multi-purpose pieces that cut down on cumbersome furniture in small-space living.

Keep Up with Chores

As ready as you may be to crash on the couch to watch some Netflix, make sure you stay on top of the chores around the apartment—your future self will thank you. Keeping up with tidiness and organization not only creates a more relaxing atmosphere, but also prevents a pile-up of chores that overwhelm you when you finally stop to do them. Try keeping a list of tasks you can cross off as you go, or designate a certain day of the week for cleaning.

Use Vertical Space

Some of the best practices in apartment space-saving ideas is simply to look up. Making good use of vertical space in your apartment is a top way to get the most out of every square foot. Consider a closet organizer for small apartments to store your shoes instead of lining them up on the floor, invest in an over-the-toilet bathroom shelf, or look into options for corner shelves to even make use of those tight corners.

Decorate Thoughtfully

Decor can make all the difference in an organized home. If your apartment is tidy but still feels drab, you may just need to modify your decor. Hanging mirrors are one well-known trick to refresh your space, especially on walls that don’t get much natural light. Light hues will also help create a crisp and open space to top off your newly organized apartment—you can try light pillows, bedding, and upholstery if you’re unable to paint your walls. Decorations that are light-colored, minimalist, or reflective are all easy tricks to make your apartment look and feel larger.

The Bottom Line

With just a bit of innovation and free time, you can take your space from cramped and cluttered to light, open, and tidy using these easy tips for organizing your apartment. Get a jumpstart on spring cleaning with just a few small steps and start maximizing space in your apartment to get the most out of your home.

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