The 5 Top Benefits of Furnished Apartments

Finding an apartment can be stressful, especially when it comes to furnishing your new home. Purchasing all your furniture upfront on top of deposits and moving costs can be extremely pricey and totally blow up your budget. That’s why we’re here to offer insight on another option—skipping the furniture hunt altogether and opting for a fully furnished apartment.

To be sure, fully furnished apartments aren’t going to be the best option for everyone. They can mean a higher cost of rent, fees for damage to furniture, lower furniture quality, and they can narrow the options when searching for a place to live. Still, furnished apartments come with a collection of benefits worth taking into account.

1. Not as Expensive Upfront

Furnished apartments can save you a lot in upfront costs of renting a new apartment. Forget about having to shell out hundreds to thousands of dollars for a new bed, mattress, nightstand, dresser, couch, dining room set, and beyond. Your fully furnished apartment will be stocked with all the furniture you need to live normally. This means significantly less cost to you in comparison to investing in all-new furniture. With a furnished apartment, your furniture budget can go towards food, clothing, decorations, or even back into your savings.

2. Moving is Less Stressful

Money isn’t all you save with a furnished apartment—you’ll save some sanity too. Furnished apartments cause lower stress during the moving process, as you won’t have to worry about getting bulky furniture out of your old place and moving it into the new apartment. Plus, without heavy furniture, you may not even have to stress about hiring movers or rental trucks. These factors make for a smooth and quick move-in experience with minimal grind on your nerves.

3. Setting Up is Simple

When you rent a place fully furnished, you eliminate the need to populate your empty space with furniture. This doesn’t just include moving furniture, but also building it if you purchase new furniture online. Building your new furniture can be a strenuous and time-consuming process—particularly if you don’t consider yourself super handy with a screwdriver. Fully furnished apartments rid you of that chore, providing everything you need from the moment you arrive.

4. You Can Still Personalize

A common concern about fully furnished apartments is that they won’t feel like home due to being furnished with belongings that may not feel like yours right away. But despite your lack of control over the furniture, many furnished apartments can still be decorated to your taste with your favorite decor. Try setting up your plants, picture frames, artwork, favorite bedding, and other items. A few decorative touches will easily give your home some of your own personality and help you settle right in.

5. Many Offer Short-Term Leases

Furnished apartments often offer lease flexibility, making them especially appealing to those looking for short-term rentals. They’re popular choices as student housing and for people who move frequently for work, as the renters are not bound to long-term leases and don’t have to worry about furniture every time they move.

Similarly, furnished apartments can be a lot easier to sublet than you may think—fully furnished apartments are a big hit among people who relocate often. They eliminate the hassle of finding and transporting furniture and are often the perfect short-term living solution.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, your living space should be whatever is best for your unique wants and needs, and fully furnished apartments are a great option to consider. Offering the perfect solution for those seeking convenience and flexibility in a living space, furnished apartments soar in popularity amongst students and traveling professionals. Enjoy a quick, low-stress move, less obligation than a long-term lease, and save yourself a hefty sum of money upfront while you’re at it.

With a few of your favorite apartment decorations, your new place will feel like home in no time. To get an idea of what a furnished apartment can look like, check out our gallery, showcasing fully furnished apartments in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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